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On the Road
Home is where we park it.

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Travel Pages 2005 - What's up in 2005?  Sue recovers from cat bite.  Doctor visits.  Jenna's
          11th birthday.  Arkansas houseboat.  Ponchatula, LA.

Travel Pages 2006 - Spring arrives.  Ponchatula, LA for strawberries.  Smokey Mountains in the
           spring and Cumberland Plateau in the fall with the Caldwells.  Home for the Holidays.

Travel Pages 2007 - Sue gets hip replacement. Joe gets heart cath.  Kicked back at home.
          Spring arrives.  Columbus for RV repairs.  A "cruise" of a sort.

Travel Pages 2008 -  Kicked back at home.   Nothing happening.   Springtime arrives.   A short            trip, to COE in Columbus, MS.   A friend's anniversary.  August, family reunions.