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On the Road
Home is where we park it.

      Smokey, the cat                                                                                       Our home away from home
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Our life prior to 1995 - The story of our lives prior to 1995.  The "Good Old Days".
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Travel Pages 1995 - A narrative of our 1995 trip to Rocky Mtn, Yellowstone and Glacier NP,
              Western Canada and Alaska, taken from Sue's diary, with over 200 scanned pictures.
Travel Pages 1996 - With the Caldwells & Lindsleys in TX, OK, CO, NM, and Mesa Verde.
             Us to Grand Canyon and much more (With Pics). 
In 1997 - We visit FL and TN (Pics).
Travel Pages  1998 - We get Smokey & M/H. Strawberry Festival. Palo Duro. Chama Train.
             Ridgeway, Silverton, Ouray Mine. Huntsville Space Center, Shenandoah, Blue Ridge.
Travel Pages  1999 - Our trip to Disney World with the Grandkids.  Later trip to Texas and a
             Fall trip to Virginia, Shenandoah NP, Walton's Mtn. Craft Show and Smokey Mtn. NP.
Travel Pages 2000 - Narrative of our 2000 trip to New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, and our fall
            trip to Wyoming, and Black Hills of SD, from Sue's diary, with over 300 scanned pictures.
Travel Pages 2001 - for e-mail and pictures of our 2001 trip to western USA, British Columbia,
            Yukon Territory and Alaska.  
Travel Pages 2002 - for e-mail and pictures of our 2002 trips to Florida, New Mexico, Arizona,
           Nevada, Great Smokey Mountain and Shenandoah National Parks.
Travel Pages 2003 - for e-mail and pictures of our 2003 trip to eastern USA, New Brunswick,
           Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia,  Newfoundland, Labrador, & Carribean cruise.
Travel Pages 2004 - What are we doing in 2004??  Springtime in Mississippi, Blue Angels
          Airshow, hip replacement, birthdays, horses, swans, Georgia and Smokey Mtn. NP.
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