Help and Tips for using this Website
       This site contains info and pictures about our RV travels, family info, geneaology and other things.  The primary purpose of this site is to provide a record of our lives for our descendents, as well as for our friends who just like to follow our travels and look at our pictures.  Everyone is welcome to use this site and we hope you enjoy using it.  Feel free to download info and pictures for your use and enjoyment.   Please email us of any problems, i.e. links that don't work, go to the wrong place, etc.  Email to mail at    Leave out the spaces and substitute @ for at. This helps foil the spammers who scan for addresses.

      This site was created using a downloaded program called "Cool Page" and is hosted by, where we get 2GB of space for $3.95 per month.  By paying 2 years in advance we also got our own domain name -, which must be renewed every 2 years.


      The Travel Pages were set up in 2001 to cover all our RV and other travels from 2001 to the present time.   We have added travels for years prior to 2001, before we had a laptop, digital camera and website. This required scanning old photos, etc.  We now have our 1995 Alaska trip and and the other years through our 2000 travels posted.   We will continue adding new travels, as long as we are able to travel. 

    The original pages for 2001 have been reworked to provide clicking to see larger versions of pictures.  Most picture pages now have a 'Return' link in some form or other.  If not, just click 'Back' on your browser.  Some larger pages require scrolling and the 'Return' link returns to the top of the page.  To avoid this, and return to the same place you left, just use the 'Back' feature on your browser.  I haven't learned, yet, how to program this into a link.

     The geneology pages have family info on Reeves, Grimes,Young, Hooks, Freeny, Parkes, Cleveland, McCarty and many others.  The database contains over 40,000 individuals and can be downloaded as a GEDCOM file.  Pictures of individuals are included when available.  We appreciate new info on our kith and kin and would like to recieve info by email, mail or GEDCOM.  Email to mail at    Leave out the spaces and substitute @ for at. This helps foil the spammers, who scan for addresses. A link is now on the genealogy pages for "Genealogy Books" to access several books, which are now on this site. New info is being added to this database, periodically.

Joe T. and Nancy Sue Reeves