We visit an old fashioned Cane mill.
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Saturday, Nov, 10, 2007:
      Today we paid a visit to our neighbor, Bud Shepard's cane mill.  It was a nice outing and reminded us our visits to these mills when we were kids.  At that time, everyone grew their own food or bought it on the local economy, so sugar cane syrup was a staple on every table, especially at breakfast with hot buttered biscuits.

     We hope some of the young folks learn the art of cooking syrup, so the custom will not be lost.  As in olden times, the Shepards also had a lunch spread for the workers, as well as their customers, and we all had a great feast!  This is one of the last mills operating in our area, and several other people in the area grow cane and bring it to the mill. 

      Check out the pictures on the following pages, which tell the story better than we can.  The only difference from the mills of 100 years ago was the tractor turning the pole, whereas a mule did the job in the old days.  You can't beat a visit to a cane mill, if you have that chance.      

Joe and Nancy Sue, Off the Road, but having fun at home.
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