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On the Road
Home is where we park it.

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Travel Pages 2004 - What are we doing in 2004??  Springtime in Mississippi, Blue Angels
          Airshow, hip replacement, birthdays, horses, swans, Georgia and Smokey Mtn. NP.
Travel Pages 2005 - What's up in 2005?  Sue recovers from cat bite.  Doctor visits.  Jenna's
          11th birthday.  Arkansas houseboat.  Ponchatula, LA.
Travel Pages 2006 - Spring arrives.  Ponchatula, LA for strawberries.  Smokey Mountains in the
           spring and Cumberland Plateau in the fall with the Caldwells.  Home for the Holidays.
Travel Pages 2007 - Sue gets hip replacement. Joe gets heart cath.  Kicked back at home.
          Spring arrives.  Columbus for RV repairs.  A "cruise" of a sort.  Jerry Bishop retirement.
Travel Pages 2008 - Kicked back at home, nothing happening, Spring arrives. short trip, to           Columbus, MS, a friend's anniversary, reunions, friends visit, a wedding, and Christmas.

We are doing little traveling, so we are changing our "Travel Pages" to our "Journal Pages".
Go to Journal Pages for 2009 and later.  These pages will cover Anniversaries, Birthdays, Reunions, Holidays, visits of friends and relatives and other events.