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July, August, September 2011:
     July 4, 2011 - Today Cousin Frank Brooks, from Richardson, TX (suburb of Dallas), returned to the old Brooks homestead and hosted a Parkes cousin reunion and birthday celebration for Dee Brooks and Larry Adams, who were both born on the 4th of July.  Cousins and spouses attending were, Nancy Sue and Joe Reeves, Jennie Roland, James D Freeny, Frank and Dee Brooks, Robert and Judy Brooks, Larry and Polly Adams, Glen and Lynn Adams, Jim and Norma Ruth Reagan, Richard and Marilyn Joiner, Sandra and Ray Lang.  Also stopping by were some of their children and grandchildren.  See Pictures.
     July 6, 2011 - The Crepe Myrtles have been blooming for some time. Here is a bloom on one of them.  And here is a picture of the Tree.   Here is a picture of a Day Lily.
     July 14, 2011 - I went to The Eye Surgery Clinic, in Jackson last Thursday, to get my cataracts checked.  They said my left eye had a problem, so I went back today and got the surgery.  As I write this, my vision is still blurry in the left eye, and it's still watery, but I'm using 4 kinds of drops, and they say it will get better. I am to go back, tomorrow, for follow-up.  July 15, 2011 - My eye had cleared up this morning and I returned for follow up.  I can now see better with my left eye, without glasses, than I can with the right one, with my glasses.  The doctor says my vision shoukl improve as the eye heals.  I plan to get the other one fixed when this one is healed in 6-8 weeks.
     July 24, 2011 - I went back for my second follow up, on the eye, on Friday. I am 20-20 in that eye, but may need reading glasses for close up.  I go back on August 4 for surgery on my right eye.  If it works as well as this one did, I will only need, at most, some reading glasses for close up viewing.  Now, if I could just find a doctor to do for the rest of my body, what this one is doing for my eyes!
     July 31, 2011 - Nothing much has happened in the last week, except on Thursday night we took the Caldwells out to Little Richard's fish house, to celebrate Donna's birthday, which was on Saturday.  We went to church and Sunday school this morning.  I go back for my other eye surgery on Thursday.  For August, go to Next Page.

Joe and Nancy Sue Reeves, at home in Freeny.

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