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It looks as if our traveling days are about over, so starting in 2009, we'll just call this our journal.
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Journal 2009 - What's up in 2009?  Birthday celebrations, Anniversary celebrations, Reunions, Holidays.
           Doctor visits, possible surgeries in 2010. We are left alone as our family moves away to chase rainbows.
Journal 2010 - Another Year.  Hope it's better than 2009.  That's not asking much!  Hmm! The first quarter of
          2010 was maybe worse than 2009.  Joe gets cancer surgery.  Sue spends time in hospital, and Alzheimer's           gets worse.  As of June things may be slightly better.  Summer is HOT!  We attend Methodist Harvest Day.  
          The Holiday season is a non-event.  December has been COLD!           
Journal 2011 - New Year comes in with tornadoes.  MSU Dawgs win Gator Bowl.  Snow in Feb. Flowers in March.
           Hot in April, with record tornadoes.  May is hot and dry and sets more records.   June is also hot and dry.  A
           little rain at the end of the month.  Freeny School Reunion, in August.  Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays
           are non-events.           
Journal 2012 - A New Year.  Jan - 'Tine Lindsley and cousin Mary Kate to supper for their BDs.  Feb - Val. Day
           supper at the church.  Mar - Sue's BD on the 24th.  Sue's birthday party.  April, May, June and July - Nothing.
           much happening.  August - Freeny School Reunion and Joe's birthday.  September - We go to hospital.          

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