Thursday- Friday, Dec 23-31, 2004:  Thursday, the 23rd, we trapped our stray cat "Little Bit", who has been hanging out with Smokey for the last year (he's now bigger than Smokey).  We wanted to get him to the Vet to be neutered, get shots etc.  He was pretty terrified in the cage so Sue said she wanted to get him out and hold him.  Big MISTAKE!!  He chomped down on her wrist and scratched her pretty good.  We finally got him in a zip up pillow case and Joe held him on the way to Florence to son-in-law Bob's Vet clinic.  That night her hand was a little swollen.  Friday, the hand was worse but we went to visit Bob, Nita and the grandchildren and spent the night to be there for Christmas morning.  By then her whole lower arm and elbow were swollen so, after gift opening and an early lunch, we went by the emergency room on the way home.  They gave her an IV of anti-biotics and said to come back Sunday.  By then the swelling was worse, there were red streaks up to her elbow and she was in considerable pain.  They gave her another IV of anti-biotics and a morphine shot and put her in the hospital, where she got regular anti-biotics and pain killers all night.  Monday morning, , the swelling was less and the pain not as bad.  We hoped she would improve enough by Tuesday that we could go to Nita's for a couple of days before going home, but such was not to be.  The healing slowed down on Tuesday and was pretty much the same on Wednesday.  Thursday, Dec 30, the swelling was about gone but the wrist was still very sore.  They put a splint on the wrist to immobilize it and that helped the pain.  Friday, Dec 31, the doctor said the blood work looked good and called in our orthopedist, who checked it, diagnosed tendinitis and said we could go home, but to wear the splint, put ice packs on it, and take the prescribed anti-biotics in pill form for the next week.  We are glad to be home with our own recliners and bed and can see the New Year in, in front of our own TV (if we can stay awake that long).  We were invited to a New Years bash at a friends, and Nita wanted us to go home with her, but Sue just wanted to get home, so here we are.  Hope we don't ever do this again.  Over the years we have found many creative ways to spend Christmas and, if memory serves, we were at Baptist Hospital one other Christmas many years ago, but I can't say we'd recommend it to anyone.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas, free of hospitals.   Joe & Nancy Sue
Greetings, from the Reeves Household, Christmas 2004
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For Christmas pictures see New Years 2005
Below is an animated Christmas Card, sent to us, we thought you might like. 
Christmas Dogs.exe                                 Our Christmas Lights
We haven't done much traveling this year, except to doctors and to the hospital for Joe's hip replacement.  We do see the grandkids now and then, but not as often as we'd like.  Joe made a solo trip in October. 
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We wish a Merry & Joyful Christmas to one and all, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.   Joe & Nancy Sue