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     Well it's that time of year again.  We've had a good year but only traveled a total of about 3 months this year.  We stayed home until March 7, when we left for Florida.  Our first stop was Chipley where we visited Joe's brother Charles and family.  Then on to Tampa for a visit with Bob and Anne Lynn, old friends from Navy days.  We next went to Titusville and Kennedy Space Center and rested at Patrick AFB for a few days.  Our next stop was "The Savannahs", a St. Lucie County park, and visited with Polly Roy in Pt. St. Lucie, widow of Joe's old Navy buddy Ed, who died Dec. 1, 2001.  We came home by way of Pensacola where we re-visited the Naval Aviation Museum and met with old Navy friends from the 50s, Ann & Gerald Woolard.  We stopped in Biloxi, then Florence, MS for a visit with Bob & Nita, Nathan & Jenna. We got home March 29.  See Florida pictures Travel 2002
     Harry and Donna Caldwell called on the cell phone before we got home to see if we'd like to travel with them out to Las Vegas.  We agreed, so we were home just a week and were on the road again.  We spent nights at Tyler State Park and Ft. Bliss (El Paso) in Texas and 2 nights in Tuscon, AZ where we toured the Pima Air Museum, drove by the aircraft boneyard and spent the afternoon at Saguaro Cactus NP. (See pictures -
Travel 2002).  We spent 1 night at Lake Havasu and arrived at Las Vegas where we made the FamCamp at Nellis AFB our home for the next week.  Harry and Donna showed us around the area where they got married and lived when Harry was in the Air Force 40+ years ago, took us on a tour of the Mt. Charleston Wilderness Area, The Valley of Fires SP, the Thunderbirds Museum on the base, Death Valley and Hoover Dam.  We drove east on old Rte 66 and stopped at Kaibab Nat. Forest campground in northern AZ.  It was a quiet, peaceful place so we stayed 4 nights, rested and watched the wildlife.  We stopped a night at Cholla Lake, then went to Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM for 4 days.  The first day we heard some wild and beautiful music coming from the next trailer.  It turned out to be a Native American lady, Virgie Ravenhawk, practicing on her flute which she was to play at the "Gathering of Nations" that weekend.  She invited us to attend the gathering and came over to our motorhome that night and played for us and the Caldwells.  We caught the Tramway to Sandia peak, toured the museum there and watched the sun set over Albuquerque.  There is a resturant up there called the "High Finance" (aptly named) but we had eaten there on a previous trip so we came back down to Wendy's to eat.  The next day we attended the "Gathering of Nations" and enjoyed the beautiful costumes of the dancers and the music of the drummers and flute players (See pictures - Travel 2002).  Harry sat by an old Navaho man who turned out to be one of the 2 surviving code talkers of WW2.  We continued to Clovis, NM where we parked in the yard of Jim Curry, an old Air Force buddy of Harry, and his wife Darlene.  They were really nice folks and we enjoyed our visit.  We made another stop at Tyler SP and split with the Caldwells in Jackson, MS to go by Florence to visit the kids and grandkids.  Our granddaughter, Jenna, had rescued some orphaned baby mallards and raised them.  They considered her their mama (See picture "Jenna & Ducks" ).  She also has raised a baby racoon - JennCoon.gif
     We had planned to spend the summer on a cool mountain top, somewhere, but just never got off.  Then the church asked Joe to draw plans for a screened porch and patio for the parsonage.  He got carried away and submitted a bid, so then had to stay home and supervise the construction.  We finally got away Oct 1 for Smokey Mtn. and Shenandoah Nat. Parks.  We stopped at Elkmont campground in the Smokies for 4 days, then continued on to Loft Mtn. campground in Shenandoah NP.  The weather did not cooperate on this trip as we had only a couple of sunny days in our 2 weeks there.  We did see lots of deer and beautiful fall colors between rain and fog.  Nita, Bob and the kids spent 2 nights at the lodge at Skyland, on their way to Washington, DC for their vacation (See BestFam.jpg).  We visited with them there as the rain continued.  We were concerned for them as the snipers were still active but they had no problem.  The Caldwells called and we met them at Smokemont campground on the NC side of the Smokies for a week, but we only had a couple of sunny days there.  We got home Nov 3.  Joe got the Christmas lights up and we got ready for Nita, Bob, Nathan and Jenna to join us for Thanksgiving.  They came in on Thursday, stayed until Friday and we all had a good time but ate too much.  See XmasLts.jpg
     We have been busy getting all our annual doctor visits in and have more to come before we can leave again in January.  So far no really bad news.  Joe's bone doctor says his left hip is full of arthritis and needs a hip replacement but that was not a surprise.  We decided to put that off until after our trip next year.  Sue's has arthritic fingers and we both have our regular aches and pains but nothing (so far) that is likely to kill us in the next year or so.
     We plan to spend about a week with Nita, Bob and the kids over Christmas.  We'll take the motorhome and park in their yard as has become the custom.  We look forward to spending time with them and expect a great holiday time.
     We are planning to be on the road most of next year.  We want to go back to Newfoundland, where we were stationed with the Navy in the early 1960s.  We also want to go to the Cowboy Music and Poetry gathering at Sierra Vista, AZ in Feb, and want to visit our friends, Bob and Anne Lynn, in Minnesota.  Our plan is to go west sometime in Jan to AZ, stay in AZ and NM until spring, then move north to MN, then up through northern Michigan and into Canada.  We'll travel through eastern Canada to Maine, where we want to visit Frank and Mary Ann Harding from our Navy days in the 60s (haven't seen them since 1964).  Then we'll cross into Nova Scotia and take the ferry to Newfoundland.  We'll come back to the northeast and wait for fall colors, then follow the colors south.  We should be back home around the first of Nov 2003.  That is as close as we ever come to planning and that can be changed as we go along.
     If any of you would care to join us for all or part of this trip, feel free to tag along or meet us somewhere.  If you have an email address and are not getting our "On the Road" email (with pictures), email us at the address on page 1 to get on the list.  To see all our travels this year with lots of pictures see
Travel 2002.  To see our Alaska trip see Travel 2001.  To follow our travels to
Newfoundland, next year, check out
Travel 2003.