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Christmas by the Lake
By Papa Joe Reeves

'Twas the night before Christmas in the house by the lake.
Amanda, Nathan & Jenna were still wide awake.
So Nita looked over at the kids and said
"You know Santa won't come unless you're in bed.

So they went to their rooms and went right to sleep.
Soon from their beds could be heard not a peep!
And Memaw and Papa in their moterhome
were dozing and waiting for Santa to come.

Then out on the lake came the squawking of geese
and Dad said, "Those varmints won't leave us in peace".
He ran out the door and onto the deck
to check on the geese and see what the heck,

was after his birds and causing such a row,
looked up in the sky and could only say, "WOW"!
From over the lake there came a red glow,
that lit up the lake and the woods below.

'Twas Rudolph the Reindeer lighting the way,
for eight other reindeer and Santa in his sleigh.
They circled the lake to land in the yard,
Santa said, "I'm too old and chimneys are hard".

"If it's OK by you I'll go in the door,
and leave the gifts by the tree on the floor".
Then Memaw and Papa hearing the racket,
ran out to see, without even a jacket.

Dad said, "Come in, make yourself at home.
The coffee pot's on, we'll get you some".
So in came Santa to leave gifts by the tree.
The kids were asleep as sweet as could be.

And Memaw, Nita, Papa and Dad
drank coffee with Santa and were all so glad,
that Santa had come to bring us good cheer,
and hopes we'd all have a happy New Year.

Then Santa said, "Folks, I just can't wait,
I've a long way to go and I'm already late".
"The coffee was great and I wish I could stay,
but millions of toys must be delivered before day".

He jumped in his sleigh and before we could speak,
They were off like a rocket, we just saw a red streak.
But we heard Santa shout, as they all sped away,
"Tomorrow is Christmas, so have a great day"!
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