Blue Angels Air Show, Meridian, MS, April 17, 2004
     Today, we picked up the Caldwells and went to Meridian Naval Air Station for the Blue Angels Air Show.  They had a great show with lots of old war birds, aerobatic performers and, of course, the Navy's Blue Angels.  One father/son team, from Canada (the father was 72 years old), put on an aerobatic show, doing all kinds of maneuvers, including outside loops with up to 3 negative Gs.  That old man must be made of steel.  I (Joe) hated negative Gs even when young.  We enjoyed the show and got lots of pictures.  Blue Angel pictures are by Harry Caldwell.  Joe's camera battery played out.  See pictures below.  Click picture for larger view.  Click 'Back' to return:
      Canadian team, Pitts Special, and outside loop                     Another aerobatic aircraft                       Ultra-light
   Helicopter Rescue Demo                        Army's Black Dagger Parachute Team                         New/Old A10/P51 Formation
PT17 Stearman
B17 Liberator
C45 - Navy SNB
"Secret Navy Bomber"
F4F Tigercat
Some of the OLD birds
at the show
(above) and the latest and greatest
(left and below).
        FA18 Super Hornet
The latest and greatest

      Who's flight leader?            Some don't know up from down    Gotta quit meeting like this              Nice 5 plane vee
Blue Angel crew at ready
Blue Angel's
"Fat Albert"
JATO takeoff
More Blue Angel formations (right)