New Years 2006
     New years was rather dull this year.  As we reported on our Travel 2005 Pages, Nita, Bob and our Grandchildren were spending the week before Christmas at Pigeon Forge, TN and asked us to join them in the M/H.  A couple days before we were to leave, Sue decided she didn't want to go but Joe sort of insisted.  BIG MISTAKE!!  She was miserable the whole trip and then didn't even want to go to Nita's for Christmas on our return.  She is quite depressed and it is obvious her Prozac isn't working.  We got her to a doctor on Tuesday after Christmas, got her a change of medicine and an appointment with a psychiatric doctor in about 3 weeks.  Hope he can help her or this will have been the last of our travels.  Joe will be scanning some more pictures and writing up our travels for the missing years before digital cameras, but this "virtual" travel may be it in the future.  For a look at what was seen on this trip go to:

Our friends, the Lindsleys invited us over on New Years Eve where we were joined by Joe's first cousin, who lives next door.  We enjoyed hashing over old times and went home to bed right after the ball dropped in New York (11 PM our time).

Joe & Nancy Sue, Off the Road (Forever??)
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