Bob gets binoculars.                      Jenna and Abbie by the fire.               Memaw in Emergency room.
New Years 2005
      We got out of the hospital New Years eve.   We were invited to Nita's to spend the holiday with the grandchildren but just went home and crashed.  Considering that we were at the hospital because of a cat bite, we thought  the following item sent to us by email, to be quite appropriate.  See Happy New Year Joe did make a bunch of pictures at Christmas and some of them can be seen below.  They have a new baby racoon who plays with the dogs and cats.   Click Pictures to enlarge - Click 'Back' to return.. 
Top Left        - 'Coon in tree.
Top Right     - 'Coon on gifts
Lower Left    - Abbie and 'Coon.
Lower Right - Annie and 'Coon.
Below             - Tree and Presents.
Below - Stockings hung                     Below - Nathan and Jenna
by the chimney with care.                                     share a hug.
Jenna snaps Papa
      Nita's Christmas table               Jenna gets a saddle, harness, etc.              Nathan gets a telescope  
Memaw opens a gift lefthanded              Nita plays with the 'Coon            Memaw made Jenna a horse pad   
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