Work on the Farm by Nancy Sue Reeves (written by Nancy Sue on Sep 28, 2008):  

      While we lived on the farm, , my brother James, Mother and I picked cotton in Papaw's cotton fields.  He had a small 1 1/2 acre field near the house, and a lage 40 acre one in what we called "the bottom", This was his lower land, across the dirt road (at that time), down a hill from the house, in a large flat area.  It grew the best cotton.  Every hand, including us, was paid 2 cents per pound for the cotton they picked during the day.  Papaw had a water well with a red hand pump there, so we had plenty of water when we got thirsty.  On my best day, I picked 200 pounds and earned $4.00 for the day.  That was pretty good money, back then.