Retired Years - 1994 - Until ? - ?
       We were totally retired after August 1994 and, in 1995, made our first trip to Alaska.  I have created pages for those years with documentary and pictures of our travels and commentary on our lives.  We now have travel pages for the years 1995 to the present.  We have had to limit our travels, during the last few years, due to medical requirements and gas prices, but will still take a short trip when we can. 

        Joe has scanned pictures and used Sue's diary to complete 1995-2000 Travel Pages, for the time before his first digital camera.  The 2001 to present Travel Pages were completed as we traveled.   This will end the "Good Old Days" part of the site.  To follow us from 1995 forward, just go to our Travel Pages.  We'll be telling about our travels, but also other events, in our lives, which we feel are important, or that may be of interest.

      We are doing these pages to leave a record for our descendents and so our friends can keep up with us.  Everyone is welcome to our web pages.  If you can learn something about life from these pages and from our experiences (both good and bad), we will consider our time well spent.

Joe and Nancy Sue

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