Magnolia Heritage Homes, Inc. - Sue's Stained Glass
and Retirement - 1988-1994 - Page 1
       In August, 1988, we decided to take a fishing weekend to our favorite delta lake to celebrate my birthday.  We were camped in our travel trailer and about 3AM we were waked up by the park ranger to tell us he'd had a call from Sue's sister-in-law and our house was on fire.  I called home and it was confirmed.  We broke camp and arrived home at daylight to a pile of ashes.  All we had left was the land, the storage shed and what we had in the travel trailer. See the the old house before the fire.

     We got a power line run to the shed out back, so we'd have power for the camper.  USAA sent out an insurance guy and he combed through the ashes for a couple of days, but couldn't figure out how the fire started.  They paid us for the house, contents and shrubery and our started planning a newer, smaller house for that spot.  We paid off the mortgage at the bank and had decided we did not want any mortgage on the new house, since I did not have a reliable, steady income. With volunteer help from the local church, we got the rubble hauled away.   We'd had a storm take off part of the roof a few years before so decided to build a partial basement for a storm cellar, then built a 1400sf house (including two porches) with 2 bedrooms, above this. 

      Sue had learned to do stained glass work and designs, so after the house was built and we got some furniture, I used mostly leftover materials and built a carport and workshop for glass and computers on a section of old slab behind the house. 
     I continued to do building, but mostly remodeling and some sub-contractor jobs until the early 1990s.  I was building a porch on a friends house, when I lost my footing and fell off the steps into the yard.  I knew falling on my right side with all my previous fractures, would be disastrous, so I twisted around and landed on my good left side.  That leg went numb and a trip to the local hospital confirmed I had cracked the left hip.  Since my Ortropedic Surgeon had retired after my break in 1985, I had to take pot luck and don't think I got a great job.  Now I had two bad hips and my old stiff right knee from the wreck in 1978 and the falls of 1981 and 1985.
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