Reeves Flying Service - The guy who had the local agricultural flying service decided to go out of business, offered to sell me his Super Cub and spray equipment and said I could take over his business, for free.  I bought the deal but didn't think I could afford to quit PHI to be a spray pilot, so hired a guy to fly for me.  I made a little money over the next couple of years, but learned the money comes a lot slower in the small fields in the hills than in the thousand acre plus fields in the delta where I had flow years before.  I kept the business for almost 3 years but had trouble keeping pilots.  I would train them, they'd fly for a season, get some experience, then move on to greener pastures, elsewhere.   An interesting mishap.   Another time, I was spraying a field near the end of the season when my pilot was off.  The engine started to cut out and I landed in the farmers pasture and called the mechanic.  He found the problem and got it running, but hooked things up wrong, so when I took off I could not get full power.  The plane settled into the cotton field, flipped up on it's nose and sustained quite a bit of damage, though I was unhurt (except my pride, of course).  That ended the flying for that season and, by the time I got the plane rebuilt, it looked so pretty, I didn't want to put the spray tank back on it.   I advertised it in Trade-A-Plane and a guy from Louisana called, came over and bought it along with the spray equipment.
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      The years 1977 and 1978 were (so far) the worst years of our lives.  Sue had a hysterectomy in 1977.  Our daughter, Nita had been diagnosed with Khrone's disease and had to have surgery to remove a section of her intestines in 1978.  In October 1978, on the day I was to return to work at PHI, I was on my way into Carthage.  I was in a Volkswagen Beetle, I had bought from a friend of my daughter, because she had financial problems.  I had fixed it up and was going to drive it to work at PHI.  I headed through a green light when a house mover's truck made a left turn in front of me.  My memory of the accident is still a blank, but I apparently jammed the VW under the front bumper of the truck.  A guy on the rescue squad later told me the front gas tank on the VW had ruptured and there was gas everywhere.  Had it ignited, I would not be writing this.  My right wrist was shattered, my right knee broken and my left arm broken.  I also had a concussion that kept me unconscious for a couple of days.  I was left with a stiff knee and a stiff right wrist and was laid up for 8 weeks.  The owner of the truck had insurance with State Farm and they ended up paying my medical bills, lost salary and gave me a settlement of $65,000.  This was indirectly responsible for me getting into - -
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    Business Ventures during the 70s.  Mishaps and mayhem.
    Other things we did during the 70s to try to make our fortune, and mishaps along the way.
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