Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. - Late 1970s
      Sometime in the 1970s, I became eligible to transition into PHI's Bell 212 (See below), a twin engine "Huey" type helicopter which was used mostly for crew changes and hauling large equipment, etc.  It was also used for emergency night flights.  During this time, I did one tour of duty at St. Simon's Island in Georgia and another where I flew for a few weeks from Atlantic City, NJ.  The 212 was an instrument capable helicopter and most of the pilots were instrument and night qualified in it.  Later I became one of the emergency night pilots in Morgan City, LA, and decided I had found my niche. 

       The last several years with PHI, I and Billy Linker, were the night pilots on our 7 day shift at Morgan City.  The night ship required 2 pilots by company policy.  We went to work a sunset, when everyone else left, and we left when they came in at sunrise.  A few nights we'd fly all night, but often we'd go 2-3 nights without a flight.  We were just on call for any after hours emergency from medical to accidents to unexpected breakdowns on the oil rigs.  One night we got a call, from a rig 175 miles away in the Gulf.  We hopped over to the oil company heliport, picked up a small package of o-rings and flew them out to the rig, shut down to eat at their galley and returned to PHI, about a 3 hour round trip at our night rates of $2500 per hour.  We guessed those were the most expensive o-rings in the world, but cheap compared to the $40,000 per day cost of a rig shut down. 
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      We also flew in injured workers to the hospitals and flew out oil company inspectors, with their drug dogs, for surprise inspections.  The nose on those dogs was amazing.  Once a dog went into the restroom and barked at the ceiling.  Removing a ceiling tile exposed a stash.  Another time the dog grabbed a guys pocket. He had one marijuana seed in his pocket.  Anyone caught, flew back in with us to be fired the next day.