Naples to Germany, and Norfolk, VA - 1965-1966
By Sue Reeves
     When we left Naples, we were not on Joe's military orders, so we had to get home the best way we could.  We could fly "space available" on military flights and Joe took 30 days leave so we could travel together space-A.  We had no problem getting to Rheinmein, Germany, but from there back to the US the flights were always booked solid with people on orders.  We sat at that Air Force base for 2 weeks trying to get out.  After 2 weeks we heard about a military charter flight for dependents going to the USA and we got the kids and I on it for $360.  That was a good chunk of money then, but still well below the cost to fly commercial.  We got back to New Jersey, got the car back from Roy Rogers, and drove home to Mississippi.

     Once we were on the way, Joe checked off leave and, now on orders, was on the next flight out.  He got to Lakehurst, got some additional leave and caught a military flight home to travel to Norfolk with us.  We stayed with Carol and Jim Duffy, whom we knew from Newfoundland, while we looked for a house to rent.  We found a house with 2 BR and bath upstairs and a LR, DR, kitchen and large den downstairs, got our furniture out of storage and moved in.  We had a fenced back yard where the kids could play.  

     We took delivery on the blue VW station wagon, we'd had shipped from Naples, sold the one we bought in Argentia, and bought a blue Kharman Ghia from a guy who was shipping out.

     Bruce went to first grade in Norfolk.  I had been on the bowling team, in Argentia, and bowled with the wives club in Norfolk.  We had an active wives club, but not as active as the one in Argentia.  Carol Duffy was an avid knitter, as was I, and we found a great yarn shop.  I made many sweaters to mail home for Christmas gifts, and we each knitted an outfit for ourselves.  I knitted a 2 piece summer outfit in teal blue and trimmed in white, and a 2 piece tan linen one and really liked them both.

       Joe made two short cruises out of Norfolk.   One with the USS Neosho, to the Dominican Republic, and one aboard the USS Altair, to Peurto Rico.  We were there until June 1966, when Joe got his third pass over for promtion, and we returned to civilian life.  Bruce had mumps shortly before we left.
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