New Jersey, Naples & Mediteranean - 1964-1965
      Joe had orders to HU-4 at NAS Lakehurst, NJ.  We bought a house in Toms River, NJ, a short distance from Lakehurst.  While we were there my "Auntie" Mattie V. Cleveland died.  We had been in the house for about a month, and had not even closed the loan, when Joe was sent to Naples, Italy for a 6 month tour of duty, on the USS Altair, in the Mediteranean.   The kids and I drove home to Mississippi.  I called my brother, James, at Lackland AFB, NC, and he said he could get leave and go home with me.  We went by Lackland and picked him up.  He was a "Pathfinder" with the Air Force, and he hadn't told Mama that he was jumping from planes because he knew she would "have a fit"!  

      We'd only been home for a couple of weeks, when Joe called to say he had just received orders to Norfolk, VA.  This meant we'd be moving to Norfolk as soon as his Med tour was done. He said they were going to sea and would be back in Naples in 2 weeks, suggested that I go back to New Jersey, get rid of the house we just bought, pick up a set of his orders, put the furniture and car in storage, get passports for me and the kids, get our shots up to date and book a flight to get the kids and me to Naples in 2 weeks! 

      Mama went back to NJ with me to watch the kids while I got everything done.  We got to NJ and a few hours later Roy Rogers, who was our next door neighbor in Argentia, called and said he was being transferred to Lakehurst, and wanted to stay with us while he looked for a house.  I said great! You can help with all the things I have to do before going to Naples.  I really believe God was looking out for me because, without Roy, I don't think I could have gotten it all done!  He helped me deal with the realtor to cancel the deal on the house, and all the other details.  He took down the kids swing set, and the TV antenna, and helped me get the movers lined up.  The movers came the day before we were to leave, and said they'd be finished by 3 PM.  At three o'clock, they said they'd be back tomorrow and I said, "No way!!  I have to catch a plane tomorrow morning!!"  At 5 PM, I was running down the street, after them, with my yard rake they had forgotten.  By then Roy and Maxine had moved in their house, so we put Mama on a bus for home and the kids and I spent the night with Roy and Maxine and their new baby girl.

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