Nancy Sue Reeves - After High School - 1955-1956

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My History by Nancy Sue Reeves (After High School Page)

       After high school, for 3 months, I worked as a Nurse's Aide at the, then new, Leake County Hospital.  Then I got a job at The Carthage Corporation, a clothing factory, making men's pants.  My job was sewing front pants pockets together.  I was living at home and working at the factory, and still played Piano at the church every Sunday.  A new couple moved into the teacher's home across the road from the church.  They were Maude and Cooper Reeves.  He was the new principal, at the school, and his wife was teaching elementary school.  They had a son, Charles, who was in the same class as my brother, James.  Sunday, there was another guy with them, dressed in Navy dress blues, and that night he came to our training union class.  He introduced himself as Joe Reeves.  He was an Ensign in the Naval Reserve and was stationed at Pensacola, FL, in Navy flight school.  He was back at church the next Sunday, and asked me out. This became a regular thing, and we got engaged a few months later, when he finished his training at Pensacola, and was on his way to advanced flight training at Kingsville, Texas.

       After several months at the factory, my friend, Liz Sanders, and I, went to Kansas City, MO, to an airline school, to learn to be reservationists.  We were there for 3 months and then went to Miami for more training.  On the way back from Kansas City, we went by Kingsville, to visit Joe, and I went out with him and Liz with one of his friends.  A short time after we got to Miami, Liz decided to go home, so I called Mama and said I wanted to come home, too. She said OK, but I'd have to get a job.  I went to Jackson and got a job in the Personal Shoppers office in Kennington's Department Store, the largest and best store in Jackson in 1956.  I lived with my "Auntie", Mattie V. Cleveland, rode the city bus to work and back, and rode the Greyhound to Carthage on Friday Night, and back to Jackson, on Sunday.

      When Joe finished flight training in early December 1956, we decided to be married on Christmas Day, at the Freeny Baptist Church.  Clemis Roland (later to become Clemis Renfrow) was my maid of honor, and my only attendent.