ECJC Adventures - 1950-1952

      The first semester at ECJC, I roomed with my high school friends, Raymond Tucker, Roy Lee Coglan and Colton Jolly, on the second floor of Winston Hall.  We had 4 double bunks in each room.  The lower floor was occupied by athletes and an apartment for Coach Vincent, who kept "order" in the dorm.  In the room below us were 4 football players from Carthage, Glenn "Egg" Nazary, Cater Elliott and 2 others.  The bunks were against the windows and we kept the windows open for cooling (AC was unheard of in those days).  We figured out that by leaning out our window we could see in their window below, and one night "Egg" was in his upper bunk with the window open from the top.  One of us, I can't remember who, leaned out our window and dashed a glass of water on him, through the screen.  In a flash, he was upstairs with a waste can of water and a major water fight broke out.  As he ran back down the stairs, I dashed a glass of water over the stairs and heard Coach say, "What are you boys doing?"  He came on up and gave us all a dressing down.  Later that night, Colton went down and dumped a wastecan of water under their door, then came back up, locked our door, stuffed a towel under it and turned out the lights.  Shortly, a flood of water came under our door, washing the towel up against the opposite wall.  Water fights were common at ECJC.
      Our dorm window also looked out on a hen house belonging to Mr. Bedwell, a professor of Literature.  One night we could hear the chickens clucking on their roost and one of us, either Roy Lee or Colton, slipped out the window and into the chicken house.  He grabbed a hen off the roost and wrung it's neck.  We dressed the chicken, flushed the guts and feathers down the toilet in the rest room, and started it boiling in a pot on our hot plate.  Coach Vincent came by to see what was cooking and we told him we got a chicken at the grocery store.  That old hen must have been ancient because, even after boiling it for over an hour it was about like eating a shoe sole, but we ate it anyway.  The next day Coach saw me on campus and said, "Joe, Mr. Bedwell said one of his hens disappeared last night.  I don't guess you'd know anything about that??"  I just said, "No, Sir!" and kept walking. 
     During the hunting season, we took our guns to school, but had to leave them with Coach Vincent.  After classes, we'd go by his apartment and his wife would let us come in and get our guns.  Then we'd take them back there when we returned from our hunt.  What would the anti-gun lobby say about that, today?
      One of my favorite pastimes at ECJC was playing ping pong in the Student Center.  I got to be pretty good at it and was runner up in the tournament, my last year there.