Nancy Sue Reeves - High School Years - 1951-1955

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My History by Nancy Sue Reeves (High School Page)

       When I was in 9th grade, the Woods family moved into the tenant house.  They had a daughter, Winnie, a couple of years older than I was, and we became friends.  She had a brother, Andy, who was a senior, and all the girls had a crush on him.  His steady was Virginia Thomas.  Mama told me, years later, that he had said, when they moved away, that he was coming back for me when I was grown up.  Andy went in the Air Force and we wrote for several years and I'd see him when he'd come back to visit.  During high school, I dated very little.  I dated Harry Caldwell a few times, and dated O'Neal Weaver once, and he was a nice guy, but he came to pick me up with J.B. Bryan, who had done time in the pen, and his date.  Since I was terrified of J.B., I would never date O'Neal again, and never told him why.  My sister, Jennie, told me years later that O'Neal had stopped by the office where she worked, asked about me, and said he never could understand why I'd never go out with him again.

       I still enjoyed playing the piano, at every opportunity, and was soon playing at our church on Sundays.

       My brother James played basketball in high school and picked up the nickname "Teama", which gave new meaning to the cheer, "Let's go big Team-a, Let's go, hey, hey!"  My cousin Frank Brooks was also on the team.  My senior year I was Miss Freeny High and Wayne Allen was Mr. Freeny High. (See photo in the Annual, below).       

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