The greatest adventure at Thomastown was when my friend Louis Hamilton and I decided to go set out hooks on Yokanookany River.   We wanted to spend the night on the river, but the weather forecast was for bad weather and our parents told us to go set out hooks and come home to sleep.  We told my folks we were staying at Louis's house, then he told his folks he was staying at mine.  We got to the river and set out a few hooks and crawled into an old wagon to spend the night. 

        The weather forecast proved accurate and we were soon drenched.  After the flood we decided to check our hooks but the river was out so we couldn't get to them.  Then we got lost and couldn't find the wagon, where we had left our gear. 

        We decided to walk out but the high water had us blocked from the way we came in.  We walked by a big hollow log and heard a noise inside.  We shined our, now very dim, flashlight into the hollow log and were looking into the eyes of the biggest
bobcat  that ever lived in that swamp.  He just sat there hissing at us.  We left the vicinity in a hurry.  We proved we were lost when 10 minutes later we were back at the same log, but that time we gave it a wide berth.  After the sun came up, we found our way out of the swamp 5 miles from where we'd gone in.  By the time we got home, it was after 9AM, our parents had checked with each other, knew we hadn't stayed at either house and were getting a bit frantic. 

        That was the last time my daddy applied his razor strap to my rear end and Louis confided later that he got some of the same, when he got home.

       Joe Reeves - High School Years
    Adventures in Yockanookany Swamp