In 1946, we moved to Edinburg, in Leake County.  Daddy taught Agriculture, Mama 4th grade and I started the 9th grade.  The school building had burned that summer, so we had classes in the gym, lunchroom and Agricultiure shop while they were building a new concrete block school building.  We lived on one side of the hall in an old house, which was rented as a teachers home, and it was back to the outhouse, out back.  We had running water but no hot water.  In summer we took showers in an old smokehouse out back with a water hose hung over a rafter.  My favorite passtime was camping out on the nearby creek with my friends and squirrel hunting on Pearl River.  After a year, Daddy bought the house and 3 acres of land, on which it stood for $1500.  Coach Wiggins, who had lived across the hall, had to find other quarters.  We now used his rooms for a living room and kitchen and had a bathroom built into the back of the hall with a toilet, tub and hot water.  Life was good and I finished the 10th grade.

     Due to a squabble between my daddy and the principal, we had to leave Edinburg and I attended 11th grade at Thomastown High School, where Daddy taught Agriculture to WWII veterans, under the GI Bill.  The greatest adventure at T-town was when my friend Louis Hamilton and I decided to go set out hooks on Yokanookany River.   
Adventures in Yockanookany Swamp

      The next year, we moved back to our house at Edinburg and my parents commuted to Barnes School to teach.  I finished High School at Edinburg in
1950 at the age of 15.  There were 15 people in my graduating class.  We made our senior trip to Sardis Dam and one of our class parties was a coon hunt, with boys and girls and our sponsor - Mrs. Russell.  We didn't find a coon but caught one possum and the girls made us let it go.  During my senior year we got telephones at Edinburg.  We were on an 8 party line and each party had a special ring.  One of the neighbors got a black and white TV and had a tall antenna tower installed.  We were glad to get invited to their house to watch a very snowy picture from the only station in Jackson at that time.  I think it was UHF channel 34 and was WLBT, now channel 3.
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Joe Reeves - High School Years - 1946-1950