My History by Nancy Sue Reeves (written by Nancy Sue on May 31, 2004):   (Page 1)

      I was born on March 24,1937, in Freeny, Mississippi, just outside of our county seat of Carthage, in Leake  County, the only Square county in Mississippi, to my mother, Leola Lovelace Parkes Freeny and father, Cleveland Clement Freeny, their first living child.  Mama had given birth about two years prior of my birth to a still born baby boy.  During those years, births were at home. The local doctor would come out to your house for house calls when anyone was sick.  It was several more years before local medical clinics would be built in Carthage.
      My grand parents, Olin and Nancy (Cleveland) Freeny, built their house out of heart of the pine planks from pine trees he cut, sawed and milled.  The house was placed on the lower part of the hill we lived on.  The water well in the back of the house was dug before the back porch was built to make sure the well would be accessable from inside the covered area.  As I grew older I really appreciated that.  The hole was about 70' deep, to reach water, but only 12" wide.  and was lined with a wood curbing.  He made a long bucket about 3 1/2' long, with a valve in the bottom to let water in.  It was attached to a rope, which was let down slowly, so as not to stir up the sand in the bottom of the well.  Until we were almost teenagers, and more responsible, we were not allowed to draw water from the well. 
Nancy Sue Reeves - Birth through Grade school - 1937-1951
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