Joe T. Reeves - Fourth through Eighth Grade - 1942-1945
Remembrances of Joe T. Reeves (Continued):
     We visited our relatives in Leake County about 1 weekend a month.  We'd hit paved Highway 19, at Collinsville, to Philadelphia and Hwy 16 to Carthage.  Sometimes, we'd go south 15 miles to Meridian and drive on paved Hwy 80 to Forest.  Then it was 30 miles of gravel up Hwy 35 to the Walnut Grove, Starling Center, Estes Mill area, where most of our relatives lived.  
     In 1942, the REA brought electricity to Center Hill and soon after we got a General Electric refrigerator to replace our old ice box and a couple of years later Mama got a new Maytag wringer washer and could do her washing on the back porch instead of in the black pot in the back yard.  Of course she still had to heat a pot of water on the coal oil stove and pour it in the washer, and rinsing was still done in washtubs beside the washer.
     We lived there until 1945, when I finished the 7th grade at age 11, then moved to Beat Four School in Clarke County between Meridian and Quitman where I finished the 8th grade.  They had a new teachers home with hardwood floors and an indoor bathroom with a toilet, tub and hot water.  For the first time, we didn't have to go to an outhouse in the back yard or heat water on the stove to take a bath in a washtub.  It was great!!!
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Grandma Grimes' House in Estes Mill, MS in 1940s